Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended the acceptance of new clients as of April 10, 2020.  We are confident, with the stellar medical professionals in the USA who are leading the battle against this disease, we will be resuming normal services soon.

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Collins/Snowden Executive Marketing Incorporated is a talent and career management firm committed to delivering the highest quality and customized flexible solutions to organizations and executives facing transition and growth situations.  Innovative strategies are designed to promote and foster the ongoing success of organizations and advance the careers of today's top talent in the changing world of corporate employment, by aligning talent strategy with business tactics. Services include career planning and coaching, organizational assessment and development, recruitment and talent sourcing and executive search, teambuilding and leadership development, succession planning and outplacement.

If you were not currently seeking the "right" career opportunity, you would not be reading our website. Job openings and job listings are yesterday's method of finding and obtaining a great position. Today, if the main objective of your job search is to find a posted opening, it could – and probably will – be a long, depressing and costly effort. We know you are able to find a job, but shouldn't you instead have the right career position that is challenging and that will move your career to the next level? There is a difference between looking for a job and systematically seeking, finding and obtaining that right career opportunity.

CS Executive Marketing's clients are successfully finding and obtaining career enhancing positions for a number of reasons.  First, to be successful today you must know how to properly search for the right companies and not for posted openings. Secondly, you need to be able to be found by companies in need of your particular skill sets. More than 70% of companies today are finding employees through LinkedIn and 60% or more through Google searches. Executive positions are filled through one of these two methods or by referrals and these include those referred by LinkedIn associations. Well less than 10% of executive employees are hired through postings.

We are not like other talent and career management firms and our Better Business Bureau record will substantiate this statement.  We are different from most other companies in that we will tell you what you need to hear and others will tell you what you want to hear.  Most of those companies will take your money whether or not they believe they can help you.  If we ask you to become a client, it is because we know we are able to help you and care about your career.  We are definitely a for profit business, but never at the expense of our reputation. Our executive marketing strategies begin by looking at your long term goals and every aspect of your corporate background. We then explore and systematically identify your career alternatives that are linked to your skills, interests, personality, attitude and values to determine how to properly, thoroughly and successfully market you through the next available step in your career.  We help you identify key strengths, accomplishments and achievements.  We uncover your industry options based on marketable and transferable skills.

Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology we make certain that our clients are available to be found.  Once the written credentials are found, whether it is your resume or LinkedIn profile, the reader must see a reason to contact you within 30 seconds or less.  A good resume or LinkedIn profile will make the telephone ring and a badly written resume or LinkedIn profile will not!  Therefore, we know our clients have properly written resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

CS Executive Marketing identifies industries, companies and corporate decision makers pertinent to your success. We then give you the guidance required to properly communicate the skills necessary to secure interviews and win offers and help you negotiate the maximum financial package possible.

As stated by Mark F, a recent “C” level executive client,

“At some point in your life, you may have had a favorite teacher or coach.  Common attributes of those influencers may have been that they took a keen interest in you, opened your mind to other perspectives and pushed you to your potential, releasing your innate talents.  Patti Collins is that coach.  If you're looking for a typical recruiter – that's not CS Executive Marketing.  If you're looking for guidance, encouragement and continual movement forward and changes that will put you on a track for your career to grow and flourish, start to stretch and warm up because Patti Collins and her marketing group will get you in shape to win your next career move.

As a senior executive in a struggling industry I needed to make a change.  That change necessitated a rebranding of myself, a leveraging of my talents into different market sectors that I had not considered and the building of a new network.  Patti and her group “put me through my paces” as the interest level from potential employers increased to interviews.  As drilling and practicing builds muscle memory, Patti's interview preparation prepared me so I wasn't caught flatfooted.  During subsequent contract negotiations, Patti brought up other components to the offer I had not thought about to maximize my package.”

Executive clients go through hours of one-on-one coaching sessions, learning the “art” of interviewing and how to eliminate their competition.  These sessions include “mock” interviews to prepare for all upcoming company interviews whether they be telephone, web conference or face-to-face.  You will be fully prepared and confident of your skills when meeting with a Department Manager, Vice President, CEO, Board of Director or even a Panel of Executives.  Even though our clients may be the best qualified candidate, they know the people being hired today are the ones who are best “perceived”.  Our clients know how to be perceived as the best with their interview skills.  In a job search Perception is reality and our clients receive offers quickly, compared to other executive job seekers, after their campaign kickoff.  If you learn the “art” of interviewing and to be perceived properly, you will see more offers, they will come more quickly, you will see more money in the initial offer and the company will negotiate what is necessary (within reason) to not lose you.

We are a full Career Management Firm and our services include Executive Marketing, Recruiting, Interview/Executive Coaching and Resume Packages. Our clients, as stated previously, are successful for many reasons. We deliver on every promise made to every client throughout their entire career. As a client you will receive:

  1. Proper written credentials to attract the attention of hiring managers;
  2. SEO strategies to help people find you quickly;
  3. The right contacts for your job search;
  4. Dozens of Hours of personalized interview coaching.

In these competitive times, is a grab-bag of keywords really enough to ensure your resume rises out of that mysterious electronic swamp? If not, what else do you need to know about the processes that happen inside these Applicant Tracking Systems  — systems that are, in fact, fueled by sophisticated data-warehousing technologies — to stand the best chance of getting your resume in front of human eyeballs?

Insights into ATS technology can help you avoid missing keywords and choking the software, but there is no way to game the systems.  Best practice simply ensures you won't be disqualified for a technical error. But resumes that touch human hands still must be optimized for the reader as well.  CS Executive Marketing will help you get through and understand how to best manage ATS systems.