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CS Executive Marketing has been in the forefront of preparatory executive marketing and coaching since its beginning. We would all like to believe that our next job change will be the last, but that very rarely happens, nor do you want it to. Companies are seeking diversification of backgrounds in executives.  At the beginning of this century it was estimated that there were approximately 30,000,000 active job seekers in the United States, with 18,000,000 of those being executives earning in excess of $100,000 annually.  Today that number has increased with millions more active job seekers market earning incomes in the six figures.  Positioning yourself with the professional packaging and marketing necessary for success and being prepared with the proper interview and negotiation coaching has never been more essential if you are going to penetrate today’s job market, successfully obtaining the right career enhancing interviews. Once in the interview process, eliminating your competition before being eliminated by them is tougher than ever.  The qualifications of those being selected to begin the interview process are outstanding.  Even with impeccable credentials, you must be perceived as a better choice during the interview process, if you intend to win the right offers. Then, of course, knowing how to properly negotiate the offer can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in additional annual income.

According to the Executive Job Market Intelligence Report:

“Executives stay 2.7 years in a single job, 3.3 years with a company.

Corporate HR professionals identify 14 months as a critical point of demarcation for the newly hired executive, where the excitement wanes and dissatisfaction creeps in and 25% see the disengagement occur in fewer than ten months.

If an executive is unhappy in their new position in a year or less, chances are good they probably did not have a very good marketing plan in place when seeking this position, or more likely, any plan in place at all. While the unexpected can happen in a new position that can lead to early dissatisfaction, clearly this is not a welcomed trend. It seems to us that having a career plan in place would ensure that the next move was well researched, well thought out and designed to help them achieve their longer-term goal.

If you know you are going to be moving every three to five years, does it not make sense to be prepared to make that move? Imagine never having to conduct a job search again and all because you chose to run your career like you would a top producing company.”

Consider these facts:

  • Professional athletes retain coaches and personal mentors to become “Pro Bowl” and “All Star” athletes
  • Professional business executives need coaches and personal mentors to be seen as “All Stars” in Corporate America.
  • Seeking your next career advancement opportunity requires “All Star” caliber resumes and letters and “Pro Bowl” caliber interviewing and negotiating skills.
  • Interviewing is a contest and the outcome will determine your professional future and there is only ONE WINNER! Are you that winner? You will be if you have the marketing and coaching services offered by CS Executive Marketing
  • With CS Executive Marketing, YOU will be on the winning team
  • CS Executive Marketing overall success with clients consistently exceeds 90%.