Interview Coaching

Interview coaching services will prepare even the most seasoned executives for the rigors of an interview process, ensuring they know how to eliminate their competition and be perceived as the best possible candidate for the positioning desired.  Our coaching is one-to-one, covering not only the basics of interviewing, but how to:

  1. Prepare appropriate questions, based on the company, whether they are small, mid-cap or Fortune 50;
  2. Ask and answer questions based on the corporate responsibilities of the person conducting your interview;
  3. Read the personality of your interviewer and quickly adapt.  Once the company has narrowed their choices to the top few candidates, they will hire whomever they feel most comfortable with and like the most.
  4. Conduct yourself professionally, whether interviewing with a Department Head, Division Manager, Vice President, CEO, Board of Director or panel of executives.


On Broadway, even the world’s best actors rehearse for weeks with a director, going over every line, every movement and every facial expression.  When the curtain goes up opening night, it is just one more dress rehearsal.  When our clients go into interviews, they will have rehearsed the same way as these great actors.  We conduct “mock” interviews for each situation our clients will encounter.  The actual interview will be just one more dress rehearsal.  Our clients receive offers because they are better prepared than almost any of their competition and are perceived to be the best candidate for the position.

CS Executive Marketing is effective for executives in almost every profession and at all executive levels, from the Junior Manager to the Fortune CEO.  Our expertise includes sales and sales management, information technology, marketing, medical, legal, financial, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, service and other professional clientele.  Executives should consider a number of different perspectives and make decisions with a long range view.  We coach important skills that are never taught in most marketing firms.  These include:

  • Self-awareness and self-management;
  • The ability to convey how you drive successful values and objectives throughout an organization;
  • Effective communication skills for collaboration and consensus building;
  • Intuitive and instinctive decision making and its affect on corporate productivity and profitability;
  • Performance management and how you successfully develop and refine the skills of others within your corporate environment.

These skills cannot be learned by reading and cannot be self-taught.  There is a reason the world’s top athletes invest thousands of dollars hiring coaches to improve their skills.  Our coaching professionals are accomplished in conveying the ideal techniques in the “art” of interviewing.  Our clients become expert in the “art” of eliminating their competition and obtaining offers for the positions they seek.  The more you are perceived to be the consummate professional, the more offers you will receive and the more compensation you will receive in the initial offer.

CS Executive Marketing clients are successful for several reasons.

  • We professionally prepare our clients for every interview situation;
  • We spend as much one-to-one time as necessary conducting “mock” interviews to insure our clients are properly prepared for each upcoming company interview;
  • We instill confidence in our clients by thoroughly reviewing anticipated questions and responses related to the company and the position;
  • We have the best coaching professionals on our staff;
  • We care about our client’s success.