Our Firm

CS Executive Marketing’s principals and senior management have 10 to 25 years of Career Management and/or Executive Recruiting experience. We have worked successfully with clients throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.  CS Executive Marketing’s model is to fully manage the careers of senior level executives throughout their entire careers.  Our client’s successes are borne from having personalized marketing plans, being branded properly for the desired industries and positioning, having the correct professionally written credentials and receiving intense interview coaching for each situation they will encounter. Taking these and other needed steps has allowed our clients to successfully advance their careers to the next step in title, responsibility and compensation with almost every career move.

With our experience, expertise and commitment, clients are successfully stepping into new career positions at a rate far above 90%.  These results are being accomplished quickly after the onset of a marketing campaign.  CS Executive Marketing obviously cannot guarantee results, nor can any other company, but our career management methods have been proven to be overwhelmingly successful for those who hire us, listen to our advice and adhere to our coaching and career management strategies.

Talent Evaluators, under the direction of Gregory Snowden have the experience necessary to determine overall marketability of prospective candidates.  Our clients’ successes begin with the premise that we only accept clients who are marketable, based on the current job climate, and who are seeking positions for which they are qualified.  Prior to accepting a candidate as a client, their background is reviewed by the Vice President of Talent Evaluation, Vice President of Talent and Career Management and all Marketing Directors.

Marketing Directors, under the direction of Patricia Collins, all have 10 or more years experience in senior level executive career management, including the successful marketing of “C” level executives.  Our client experience spans throughout most industries and our firm experience includes start-ups, venture capitalists, mid-cap companies to the Fortune 100.

Our career management experts have been successfully positioning clients into industries and companies which will allow them to advance their careers to the next level.  Successfully crossing industry lines, while advancing ones career may also be accomplished by professionally and proficiently marketing transferable skills.


Patricia Collins
CEO/VP of Talent Management

Gregory Snowden
President/VP of Talent Evaluation