Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are fees that I pay to CS Executive Marketing deductible on my federal income taxes?
A. As of January 2018, with the new tax plan, job search fees are no longer deductible on your federal income taxes. However, CS Executive Marketing does offer a provision that allows our clients to receive all or most of that formerly tax deductible amount from years past.

Q. What is CS Executive Marketing's success rate?
A. CS Executive Marketing has a client marketing success rate of almost 95% and this may be verified by viewing our Better Business Bureau record. Success requires our clients to be fully committed to their career search. Therefore, we are very selective when determining whom we accept as a client. We reject prospective clients for various reasons, including unrealistic expectations, unwillingness to accept new search strategies and/or career advancement not being an important goal.

Q. Why should I hire a professional career management firm?
A. The most critical element in your life, next to health and family, is your career. It is essential that you stay focused on the career position you really want. Our career management services are designed to professionally manage your career and to assure you find and obtain the right opportunities, throughout your entire career. We work for you and only you from the inception of your search campaign, to the conclusion. Your next position may very likely determine your entire future.

Q. Can CS Executive Marketing assist in increasing my salary?
A. The concept of our highly aggressive career management program is to assist our clients in such a way they receive multiple career related job offers. This will supply the leverage needed to negotiate a higher base salary and better bonus packages/performance based compensation. Our negotiations experts know how to assist you in maximizing your financial package.

Q. Why should I consider investing in my career?
A. People invest in homes, the stock market, education, etc. However, most take a haphazard approach to the job market and maintaining a successful career. Statistically in the U.S, a person will spend more time researching an automobile they intend to buy, than the time they spend researching career positions they are seeking. They also believe they can successfully make a career change by themselves. To market oneself into a career advancement takes expertise and that takes practice - in marketing techniques, the art of interviewing and negotiation tactics. A professional approach is the only logical choice for your corporate and financial future. You are your most worthwhile investment. The time and money you invest in your career, if done correctly, will return more to you than all other investments made in your lifetime combined.

Q. Is CS Executive Marketing experienced in my field?
A. Our career management program is designed to assist a broad spectrum of professionals in all occupations and disciplines. Our expertise is not in any specific industry or career field. Our expertise lies in marketing executive through career changes, regardless of career field. Our databases will identify the number of industries and companies necessary for you to be successful and our industry experts will identify your marketable skills and which of those industries and companies you are well suited to. We then make sure you, as a client, know how to successfully market your transferable skills, to open as many avenues as possible to advance your career to the next level.