Executive marketing success begins with the right credentials. We create professional resumes and letters, which are read and responded to promptly and positively. We “Brand” you professionally for your designated career choices.

CS Executive Marketing gives you the guidance needed to properly communicate your skills across many industry lines, insuring you will have enough access to the right openings and contacts. We will identify the industries, companies and corporate decision makers to make your career search successful.

CS Executive Marketing will give you the exposure to enough of the right decision makers, the coaching necessary to secure interviews and win the offers and we help you negotiate the maximum financial package possible. As our client you will:

  • Be found by or introduced to corporate decision makers, whenever possible, to initiate the interview process
  • Have enough of the right career opportunities made available to you
  • Help you develop a verbal arsenal that will allow you to properly and succinctly answer all pertinent questions and also ask enough of the right questions
  • Learn to answer questions by telling short, compelling stories which are interesting and memorable
  • Learn to maximize personal chemistry by reading an interviewer’s personality and responding accordingly
  • Learn how to win the “Interview Competition!” There is only one winner!
  • Learn how to successfully negotiate for the maximum available financial package

CS Executive Marketing will assist you with the skills necessary to secure the full financial package available, including such benefits as increased base salary, signing bonus, added vacation time, relocation packages, stock options, etc.

Our services are personalized to your campaign.

As we often state to our clients, “If you are making a move into a new career position, regardless of the reason, why would you not use this opportunity to make the next logical step forward in your career, regarding title, responsibility and monetary compensation?”