Our Recruiting Services

Executive recruiting with CS Executive Marketing spans most industries throughout the United States, Canada and many countries throughout the world. Our recruiting professionals work closely with the Marketing Directors to ensure your success in executive interviews. Your success is enhanced because:

  • We help you determine which industries and companies are good for your career
  • We identify and work with key decision makers
  • We prepare you thoroughly for all interviews
  • Our elite memberships allow us to access executive positions not advertised
  • We market your transferable skills
  • We help you to build a successful network

When a client has retained our Executive Marketing Services, our recruiters will work on their behalf, whether or not they are compensated by a company. This allows our recruiters to introduce the client and potentially schedule interviews with companies which do not pay recruiting fees.

Candidates who choose to work exclusively with our Executive Recruiters will be marketed into openings that exactly fit their backgrounds, compensation levels and current executive abilities.