Resume Services

CS Executive Marketing writes executive resumes to attract the attention of hiring managers. The accompanying letters are prepared to quantify and give examples that prove the qualifications of our clients. Our resumes and letters “brand” our clients for the specific niche they are seeking to enhance their careers and take them to the next level, in title, responsibility and compensation.

The standard or Universal resume is designed for only one reason – to make the telephone ring. If you are fortunate enough to get your resume into the hands of a corporate executive, statistically there is only a 20 to 40 second window to give them enough information to want to contact you. The resume must be scanned easily for successes, accomplishments, skills and desired positioning. Everyone has liabilities, but if your resume points out these detriments quickly, you will not receive any further consideration.

Even with proper formatting, every word in a resume has to be there for a reason. Each section must be in the proper place and the details must all be verifiable. Our professional resume writers properly prepare your credentials to amplify professional abilities, giving examples of outstanding accomplishments throughout your career.

CS Executive Marketing resume packages include:

  • Initial Consultation, Branding and Positioning Sessions
  • Universal Resume
  • Electronic Resume to cut and paste
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Coaching and Training for Professional Networking