Successful Search Methods

To: Executive Job Seekers

In today’s job market, simply browsing through job boards and sending out a few resumes in order to win your next career opportunity are over. The days of retiring after having worked for just one or two companies are also over.  Downsizings, mergers, offshore manufacturing, acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, consolidation, and other change initiatives have required rapid adaptation of workers, hard career decisions, and frequent transitions.  These days, the average executive will hold several jobs before the age of 40. The average worker will change careers several times during his or her lifetime.

While the time frame for your job search will vary with the specifics of your situation, a commonly cited statistic is that in this job economy the average job search may take anywhere from 18 to 36 months from initiation to the day you begin your new job, depending upon your executive level, your industry and your willingness to relocate to an area that is more conducive to a career transition.

The U.S. Department of Labor continues to indicate that the length of an employment search could be measured in years not months.  This figure has been increased significantly in the past few years.  Another statistic prior to 2009 was that you could expect to spend approximately one month searching for each $10,000 in salary you were seeking.  This statistic now is difficult to track as it is constantly changing, but has more than doubled and some believe it has actually tripled.

Companies receive thousands of resumes for every posted opening in today’s market, which is why most companies and recruiting firms run SEO searches to find and obtain the executives they are seeking.  Companies no longer have to compromise when seeking executive management personnel and SEO searches allow them to find the exact person they need.  There are more qualified candidates for each available position today than any time since 1930, soon after the depression began.

Do you have the need, or desire, to seek a new and better position?  If you do and if you are looking forward to your next job search with dread, you are definitely not alone!  Job searching can be incredibly stressful.  However, with the correct planning, proper packaging, professional career management and sincere commitment, you can minimize that stress and land a new position – one that is personally, professionally and financially rewarding - faster than you may have thought possible.  There are many good executive positions available to advance your career and companies are always searching for the right executives to move themselves forward.  Companies are finding their executives through SEO searches and various networking avenues.  You must allow yourself to be found by the right companies in today’s job market or you will miss up to 70% of your potential interview opportunities.  Your competition for these good career positions will be more qualified than ever before.  Our clients are in interviews within weeks, not months, because we have multiple resources which allow you to be found by the right companies.  As a client you will become an expert in interview skills, which will mean more offers will come your way – therefore moving your career forward so you will not be stuck in neutral or even worse, going in reverse, like so many others.

Patricia A. Collins
CEO/VP of Talent and Career Management