Career Management Services

Designed for Incomes From $250,000 to over $1,000,000 Annually

To: Executive Job Seekers

Even with a great recruiter or personal network, the most important part of any executive job search today is the ability to Be Found.  Very few executive positions are posted today.  Recruiters, even the top ones, have a fraction of the positions they have had in the past. Companies are no longer recruiting executives away from rival companies.  They are finding the exact people they want through SEO searches.  If you cannot be found utilizing the proper SEO techniques in your resume and LinkedIn profile, you will eliminate about 70% of your potential opportunities.

With CS Executive Marketing working with you, you will have the proper credentials to be found, you will become an expert in interview skills and you will have services personally developed for you, as described below.

Should you have questions or wish to discuss your career and how to successfully move from your current position, to the next level, please contact us and we will create a personalized plan for you.


Our Career Management Services Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Initial Consultation to discuss what you want to achieve and what is expected of you, the client.  This ensures that you get the most out of our services and to focus on specific areas of concern.
  • Customized Universal Resume tailored to attract the attention of hiring managers, incorporating necessary SEO techniques.
  • Personalized Career Branding which clearly makes employers aware of your specific attributes.
  • Resume adaptations for successful online applications, when needed.
  • Customized Interview Resume which is a much expanded version of the standard resume.
  • LinkedIn Professional Profile to written with the proper SEO techniques to allow you to be found by the right companies and for the right career positions.
  • LinkedIn Professional Training to further enhance your opportunities to be found by the right companies and executives.
  • Employment Letters that will distinguish you from those of other job seekers by quantifying and giving examples that amplify and prove your qualifications.
  • Individualized Marketing Plan outlines every step necessary to be successful.
  • Career Interview Coaching Sessions will give you the tools and the confidence needed to beat the competition and win offers. One-to-one sessions cover all the important aspects of interviews, from communication, team building, leadership and management to difficult work-related situations. Your sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss specific areas of concern.


Interview Sessions to include:

Confidence Building – We will help you overcome any career obstacles you are currently facing.  Whether you just lack confidence or have a specific problem such as lack of motivation, depression, being too old, over-qualified, lacking experience, or making a successful transition to a new job.  Whatever issues or problems you face, we can help you resolve them.

Mock Interview – Your mock interview will be based on the type of job that you will be applying for.  You will be evaluated in all aspects of interviewing and we will assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Improving Your Interview Techniques – Once we have assessed and discussed with you the areas you need to improve, we will work with you on specific techniques and prepare good answers to the tough questions that you will be asked.

Salary Negotiation Session – You will be coached on important negotiating techniques including answering questions and we will compose answers based on your situation.  We coach you on how to negotiate the various elements of your compensation package, even if you are not an experienced negotiator.

  • Targeted Client Marketing Research to identify potential career employers and the available positions commensurate with the client’s background, industry knowledge and career goals going forward.
  • Introductions will be made on your behalf, as needed with companies and/or recruiting firms.
  • Postings to industry specific websites, industry specific premier recruiter websites, targeted employer websites and/or “C” level websites, as needed.


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