Marketing Strategies

CS Executive Marketing has been successfully managing the careers of senior corporate executives for a number of years. Our talent management experts know the differences in how to present you to a Division Manager, Director, Vice President, President or a CEO.  We know the differences in presenting candidates to a $75 million company and a $20 billion company.  Our firm’s experience, the expertise of Patti Collins, CEO/VP of Talent and Career Management and her entire staff, gives us the proficiency necessary in both areas for our clients to be very successful.

We set down the steps necessary for your success when we outline your career management services.  Each step is a necessary piece of the entire pie.  Each step must also be performed with timely precision and expertise for you to be successful.  The reason we do most of the actual work in our career management campaigns is because this is our expertise and if a company expects you to do most of the work, you will rarely find success with that marketing model.  Your expertise is running the day-to-day operations of a division or a company profitably.

We research what employers are seeking in today's economic environment, determine which of your assets and accomplishments will be most vital and make employers fully aware of your potential. This is an integral part of “positioning” and “branding” you for the specific niche we will seek for your career to move to the next level.

We do not blast your resume to multiple companies, as is the case with most marketing companies.  The process we use for contacting potential employers is simple.  Once we have identified the industries you are suited to and have interest in, we ensure your written credentials are all prepared with the proper SEO techniques to allow you to be found, by the right companies and for the right positions.  We will also screen our databases of over 18 million companies and our researchers will continuously search for posted positions that are still available.  In most cases our Marketing Directors are able locate the proper contacts within the company to begin the process, whether they are a Vice President, President, CEO, or Chairman of the Board.  We act as the conduit for relationship building and help you grow your network of power brokers.

Employment searches are very complex and the people being hired in today’s job world are not necessarily the ones with the best credentials.  They are the ones with the best “perceived” credentials.  Most executives believe they have good interview skills. The truth is, they do not and they are not supposed to. We simply are not good at anything we do not do and practice often. Our clients, however, become very skilled at interviewing. They receive the best and most comprehensive interview coaching in the country. We spend dozens of hours coaching you in every aspect of winning offers through effective interviewing.  Most of our coaching is performed virtually, including “mock interviews” to replicate each actual interview you have scheduled.  As our client, it will be a similar scenario to a Broadway actor, working with a director. When the curtain goes up opening night, for the actor, it is another dress rehearsal as they have done it all before. The same is true for our clients going into interviews. You will have replicated the upcoming interview completely with our experts. In all likelihood you will be the only candidate who is properly prepared

As stated in the previous paragraph, you may have great credentials, but if you are a client of CS Executive Marketing, you will also be “perceived” as being the person with the best credentials.  That will translate into:

  1. More interviews because of positioning, branding and introductions to, or being found by, the right companies, for the right positions;
  2. More offers because of how you are perceived during the interview process; and
  3. More financial rewards because companies will not want to lose you to a competitor.

Our changing economic infrastructure has made today's job search very different from those of the past.  This is not a time to sit back and expect job opportunities to come your way as they may have previously.  The logic of this does not work in today’s job market as you will be not only disappointed but also under employed or unemployed.  We are here to help you learn the proper and most effective methods of finding satisfying employment opportunities at the executive level.

We look forward to being instrumental in your career search and helping you take that next step forward in your career.


Patricia A. Collins
CEO/VP of Talent and Career Management