Our Successes

Client Marketability

Our client’s successes are achieved by first ascertaining whether or not they are marketable under our parameters for the positioning they desire.  Our talent evaluation staff has expertise in this area and they work closely with the Marketing Directors to determine which of our candidates have the background to successfully advance their career to the level they desire. Prior to accepting a client we ask and answer two questions:

  1. Is there a reasonable market for what you are seeking, based on your corporate skills and background?
  2. If CS Executive Marketing gets involved in your executive search will you, in all probability, be in a new position very quickly compared to other executive job seekers?

Only if these questions are answered “yes” by our Career Management Executives will we accept any candidate as a client.  The appropriate career management plan begins by having our new clients complete an in-depth “client profile.”  Campaigns will be launched with the proper professional resumes and “C” level biography (when necessary), letters and marketing plan in place.  You will be thoroughly coached, turning telephone screenings into interviews and interviews into offers. Once an offer is tendered, we will assist in the negotiation process, making certain you receive the maximum financial package.

CS Executive Marketing services do not end when your employment begins. Our contracts extend beyond the initial employment for your protection.  You may need us to help you negotiate future compensation or a promised promotion.  There are times when after accepting a position, changes are made at the senior executive level within a company, which will affect your situation.  We will be there, within your contract period to help you get out of this predicament and find another career position.


Professions, Industries and Companies

CS Executive Marketing, for the most part, works with executives earning $250,000 or more annually at the launch of their careers through “C” level executives earning in excess of $1,000,000 per year. Our career management is successful across most industry lines and our services support almost any senior level executive in almost any profession. We have clients who have successfully advanced their careers in operation, sales management, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, banking and finance, healthcare, life sciences and other professions.

Our services are not limited to specific industries or companies.  We work with clients whose interests span from start-ups to the Fortune 100. Your success with CS Executive Marketing is not dependent upon a rolodex of only a few companies where we have personal relationships. We are expert in SEO utilizing SEO writing techniques to allow our clients to be found. We keep a current database of companies and we research posted openings to determine if they are available, all of which gives you the opportunities needed to find enough of the right openings to advance your career within the right industry and with the right company. Once the “high-impact” personalized branding is completed and the marketing plan is written for your search, it makes no difference whether you are a client in the renewable energy, pharmaceutical, software, technology, insurance or any other industry.  The process is the same.  Our Marketing Directors have worked across these industry lines and we have experts in both profit and non-profit arenas.


Geographic Regions

Executive marketing with CS Executive Marketing does not limit a client to a single city, state or even country.  Our clients have been successfully marketed throughout the United States and to other countries within North and South America, Europe and Asia. As a client, whether your career search is local, regional, national or international in scope, it is within the expertise of our career management services.