Dear Patti,

In a time when the executive recruiting model is totally broken, and more and more companies are relying on social media platforms and other digital means to source their executive talent, CS Executive Marketing and the coaching expertise of Patti Collins is a MUST for successfully finding the RIGHT executive position for your career. Patti is your trusted advocate and advisor to lead you to success in your search. Leveraging her extensive executive search experience and market know-how, Patti quickly developed my executive brand and marketing strategy to ensure I was getting access to the right people for the right opportunities. All along the way Patti guided, counseled and mentored me through the ups and downs of executive interviewing and the do's and don’ts of negotiations to maximize my effectiveness, my outlook and ultimately, my results.

If you are reading this, you have found CS Executive Marketing and Patti Collins and need to look no further. Your career will be in good hands.

Thank You,

Matt P., Sacramento, CA



Dear Patti,

Where to start?  I had never looked for a new role in 20 plus years and never in the North American market, being an expat - I was lost!

A number of Career Advisors had contacted me.  I was suspicious and did not have good vibe's. In stepped - Greg Snowden, Patti Collins & Team.

From initial contact and through the entire process, they were professional, consultative, passionate and focused.

Every detail was covered (you do not know, what you dont know!). Patti & Team provided that knowledge and gave me understanding, guidance and focus - Resume(s), Personal Branding, Search Guidance/Assistance, Due Diligence on organizations, Interview Preparation & Offer(s) Negotiation.

I Could Go On & On!

CS Executive Marketing (Patti & Team) a decision - You Will NOT Regret!

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

John G, Atlanta, GA



Dear Patti,

Today's job market is more competitive than ever. Just like in business you have to be able to separate yourself from your competitors. Separation must be achieved both technically and professionally 

Developing a resume that moves through today's on line filtering software is critical. Patti and her team proved expert at helping me to generate a resume that was not only well written and dynamic but also moved me front and center in many of today's hiring processes. 

In addition to refining my resume, Patti provided focus, guidance and weekly reviews that kept me on track and continually moving forward. I enjoyed our weekly calls and learned a great deal from Patti about the importance of word selection when responding to opportunities. 

Patti has a keen sense of what companies are searching for today. She teaches you to engage and have discussions with prospective employers. These discussions (interviews) allow you to emphasize to prospective employers how your strengths align with their needs.  Because of the work done by Patti and CS Executive Marketing, I received and accepted a great position approximately 90 days into my marketing campaign.

I would recommend Patti and her team without reservation.

Kevin M, Charlotte, NC



Dear Patti,

How do you write a “BRIEF” recommendation for Patti Collins' marketing team?  It cannot be done, so get ready to read an epistle that will be worth your time.  After over 30 years of never having to look for employment I decided to reenter the working world after we sold our latest company but looking for something different but still in the IT arena. Friends and networks advised me about at least a dozen different paths to work in order to find my perfect picky job I was looking for.

They were telling me, shall we say “crap” and they just wanted to write my resume better than the last one or coach me through the life cycle for a nominal fee - joke on nominal.  Not wanting to endure all of this I slowed my search down to network sources only and then found Patti and her group and began working with Patti Collins and marketing team and I have to say it was a great ride, fun, up lifting, and very motivating.

My perspective of securing my next step, in growing up as I call it, became a joy and each week I saw improvement in me and not just in knowing how to search the right areas but in how I looked at markets and even recruiters.

The resume rewrite came with the service and I have to say after putting their work on several search engines I was very impressed with the amount of people contacting me and even more importantly, real people with real opportunities.

I ask you to go onto their website to look at the details of all they do for you if you want to see the real you and of course the positive good in you then they are your partner. They showed me so many hidden paths to look at and after a couple of months of working with them I evaluated three offers and we decided to not take any and I am now seriously looking at two more but am absolutely enjoying my management consulting business and feel even more qualified to help C level teams evaluate themselves and their companies.

Thanks Patti! You are one of those humble true pros that has so much talent and personality and you channel it the right way.

Roy H, Dallas, TX



Dear Patti,

Patti and her marketing team are extremely dedicated, personable, straight forward and extremely knowledgeable.  She was instrumental in all aspects of landing the right opportunity from the onset of creating my branding statement to the negotiation process.  Her coaching and attention to details was impeccable.  It was her key insight into the job market that was able to provide me with the competitive edge.  She would point out key information that would help during the interviewing process.  She was up on the latest techniques utilizing social media to maximize my search.  I enjoyed working with Patti and would recommend her to anyone.  She has set the bar high for someone in her field.  For those looking for a great marketing company and a top interview coach, look no further.

Leonora S, New York, NY



Dear Patti,

I engaged CS Executive Marketing and Patti Collins to assist me in my position search.

I soon found Patti and her entire marketing group to be resourceful and creative in uncovering opportunities.  She has been supportive and motivating in every conversation whether in person, by phone or via email.  She always seemed to know the precise point to push forward or let me try my own approach.  Guess who was right most often? Not me!!

Patti listened well and clearly demonstrated an understanding of my needs and desires and helped to crystallize them into a successful position search.  I am clearly pleased with her, her firm and without reservation recommend them to anyone seeking a high(er) level management position.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expertise, Creativeness

Frank R. K, Bay area, California



Dear Patti

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other clients and potential clients of CS Executive Marketing.

My experience began as a referral from a friend who had recently completed a successful campaign with the company. From my consultation meetings with Sharon Furr to my executive campaign with Patti Collins and her marketing staff, my experience was excellent. Her ability to package me and create a brand was exceptional. Guiding me on how to best utilize LinkedIn was invaluable and led directly to me obtaining a position, one that was unadvertised. On matters of interviewing, I received intense and on point training directly leading to skills that led to my hire. Patti was always available to me and kept me focused on my job search on a day to day basis.

I highly recommend Patti Collins and CS Executive Marketing.

Steve Y.



Dear Patti

A few months ago I found myself in between jobs for the first time in my 28 year career. In those 28 years I had not even constructed a professional resume let alone conducted a career search. After researching several career consulting firms, I decided that CS Executive Marketing would be who I would hire to assist me in the process. I am so glad that I made this decision.

I quickly found that conducting a job search while not working can be a very lonely venture. While I did have a nice support group, it was obvious that I had a lot more friends when I was handing out jobs than when I was searching for one. During the whole process Patti Collins was a mentor, a voice of reason, a great resource of contacts and an expert in the field of employment marketing. I found myself constantly talking to potential employers even in a tough environment. My final decision as to which employer to work for was between a company Patti introduced me to through a first class mail distribution and a contact that I met through a LinkedIn connection, also facilitated by Patti. I highly recommend Patti Collins and CS Executive Marketing to anyone looking at making a career move.

Thanks Patti!!

Jack D.



To the Consulting and Marketing Staff:

First let me say, thank you so much for making my new position possible and making it happen so quickly. I was very leery of career consulting firms.  However, Sharon Furr’s consultative approach put me at ease. She was never pushy, more gently persistent. I spent 6-weeks interviewing 10 other career consulting companies and came back to the same conclusion – They were different – they were the only ones I felt I could trust. I truly believe it was Sharon’s consultative style that helped me through the vetting process. Sharon never gave up on me and for that I am grateful – CS Executive Marketing was the best decision I could have made to make a real difference turning my career around.

After conducting the traditional search on my own from many months, with no luck at all, I began my marketing campaign by speaking to Patti Collins, who started me in the right direction. I interviewed other companies, but by far CS Executive Marketing was the only one that I felt comfortable with. My only regret is that I didn't hire them sooner. Patti takes a sincere interest in the individual – she helped me understand my strengths, prepared me for interviews, but more importantly gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed in interviews. Exactly 90 days after signing a contract (and 3 different company interviews) I accepted an offer of CFO from a local company in Orlando, Florida. I could not have done it without Patti and her team.

Thank You All,
Patrick J.



Dear Patti,

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past four months and I can't thank you enough for all your help in assisting me to land my new position with the Wahl Corporation as VP Sales & Marketing running their global international business. You are excellent at what you do and your coaching, feed-back, and outstanding advice negotiating the offers that came my way was nothing but outstanding. You were a great sounding board for me and provided insights I would have never considered. At times it was a difficult journey and you always put things in the proper perspective to keep charging forward. Many thanks to you and your team in helping me land my new role. I will keep you posted on my career and look forward to staying in touch.

Best regards,

Tom B.



Dear Patti,

I will post this next week when I change my status on LinkedIn to that of an employee (VP of Sales and Marketing) of my new company:

Patti Collins and her team are the consummate professional resources to aide executive job seekers in the difficult challenge of finding a new position.  Her coaching and counseling skills are masterful, and the caring ways she and her entire staff follow up with their clients during this often stressful time is fabulous.  I consider Patti a friend in addition to being a tremendous career coach.  Her astute ability to work with you to differentiate and market to your strengths and her expert knowledge of the job market make her an invaluable resource for the job seeker.  She helped me greatly with the proper positioning in the correct industries and in finding the company that offered me the executive position I now have.  I suspect because of her help, I won't need her services for a while, but I will continue to utilize her as a trusted friend and business advisor.

I think you are great and you did more than I ever expected to get me through the hard times and obtain what I was looking for!

Thank you,

Lee K.



Dear Ms. Collins:

Your consulting staff told me that I was worth much more on the employment market than I had been earning and that I needed to open up enough of the right opportunities to see this for myself. Well, you did that for me and because I was prepared with the proper interview and negotiation coaching, I am now enjoying a 31% increase in salary from my previous position. I also negotiated an extra week of vacation time, as you suggested. Considering my marketing campaign began less than 4 months ago, this is certainly faster, and much more lucrative, than how I was searching in the past.

My success, astonishes me, even now. When I was initially contacted by your consulting staff I had been searching for a job for roughly three months. I had posted my resume and information on Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, ResumeSpider.com and a few other websites. My job search consisted of combing these sites and guessing which postings were actual jobs and how to simultaneously appeal to HR and hiring managers. Additionally, I had to determine which recruiters were just looking for resumes to present to a prospective client and which recruiters were retained employers. In short, my job search involved a lot of guesswork and wishful thinking.

With some effort Patti, you helped and encouraged me to come up with a list of contacts, personnel and professional. I was skeptical of this for two reasons; first, I did have many contacts (the first batch of letters only went to six people) and second, I didn’t want to bother these people (that was my perception how these people would respond to my calls). I am an engineer, so cold calling people is not in my nature. I am both surprised and pleased with the results of my networking efforts. Thank you for guiding me.

Obviously this approach to a job search is very different than sifting through websites. Submitting resumes to postings from the major job boards does provide the immediate and tangible feeling of having done something each day. A problem with doing that is it takes a lot of time sorting through all the postings and there is such a low percentage of success. It is easy to think I can improve the odds by simply pushing more resumes out there. And that points to the other big problem with my old job search approach, psychological. I realized the more resumes I submitted (and consequently the more I didn’t hear back from) the more frustrated I was becoming which could easily have turned into desperation and that would have come across in an interview. Submitting to postings on the major job boards became akin to launching a paper airplane from the upper deck of a stadium in hopes hitting a specific seat number while a hurricane was blowing. I had no idea where my airplane was headed.

Thank you for everything.

Yours Sincerely,

John P.
Charlotte, NC



Dear Patti and staff,

I am writing this thank-you note as a result of your great assistance to me in finding my new position. The effort put forth by the your staff was nothing short of outstanding in all facets of my search, including providing top quality documentation in the form of resumes, cover letters, position leads and follow-up. More important was the coaching and receiving relevant job leads based on my criteria, one of which I pursed and accepted. My marketing director was in contact with me at least twice a week to review progress and the weekly position log was a good tool to follow my activity.

My only regrets were the fact that I didn’t find CS Executive Marketing sooner as I had already hired two of the companies’ competitors - one at a substantially higher fee. What did this higher fee get me? They gave me template resumes that generated no activity and a search engine that provided job postings 2 days later than they were posted on the original job board. They said they would get me into the unpublished job market and that never happened either. My marketing director called me only twice in a fourteen week period. This firm succeeded only in taking double the money CS Executive Marketing charged for absolutely no service.

The second firm I hired never even wrote a resume for me. They relied on the one I had submitted to them along with a qualification match I created for each position they sent me. They were better than the expensive firm but were totally less effective than CS Executive Marketing.

In my new position as a Senior Corporate Officer, I will recommend you to anyone in my network based on your trustworthiness, direct approach and a sense that I felt the people really cared. The most important factor was that I accepted an offer at a firm that met all my needs and with a compensation package greater than $200,000 annually, which was more than adequate. I was told from the beginning that the average client is successfully employed in their new career in 90 to 180 days. I thought that was very aggressive, but my marketing campaign, from the day I signed my contract to become a client was achieved in only 94 days, well below the average time for a search for an executive position.


 Doug C.



To: Patricia Collins
From: Barry V
RE: Acceptance of Job Offer

 Hi Patti,

I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know I have officially accepted a new Position at Bankers Fidelity in Atlanta. I accepted on Friday and I start tomorrow. The firm has some growth challenges and is hoping I can be the change agent needed to overhaul their product line and increase their recruiting and sales.

While the starting pay is lower then I wanted the opportunity to become the Chief Marketing Officer in 6 months and a potential of becoming President in two years while being 30 minutes from my current home is an opportunity I could not pass on at this point in my career.

Without your professional approach in sending letters and resumes, I don’t believe this unpublished position would have come my way. The President of Bankers Fidelity contacted me based on the letter you designed, which was sent to Senior Executives in my field.

Patti, I can not thank you enough for your advice, support and the direction you have provided me over the past weeks. You are a truly a professional and a wonderful person. Your direction as well as being my sounding board over these weeks has made this transition much easier than I ever expected. I appreciate all your assistance.

Thank you again Patti!

 Barry J. V
Alpharetta, Ga



To:  Ms. Patricia Collins, VP of Marketing Services and
Marketing Staff

Dear Ms. Collins and Staff:

While working with you I have encountered the distinct pleasure of working with Ms. Patti Collins and her entire professional staff. She was my Marketing Director while I engaged in my contract search for employment.

She is a conscientious hard working individual who goes the extra distance to make sure the job gets done. She is always searching for a possible solution for any problem that arises.

The marketing staff is diligent and determined and I was happy to have them on my side of the ledger.

I would be happy to discuss any reference requirements that they may need.

Carl B
Memphis, Tennessee



Dear Ms. Collins,

When Sharon F contacted me to offer services, my career search had been stalling and I needed a big push.  Although I realized my needs and the value of the services, I was in a tight financial spot and it took me a while to decide whether to make the investment in myself.  Sharon helped me look into financing alternatives and I signed up once the funds became available.

My search officially began a few weeks ago, and I’m very happy with the decision to partner with CS Executive Marketing.  Since I started the process, my resume is outstanding, employers are contacting me, and I’ve become more confident in my ability to reach my career goals. The investment is worth every penny as my success was quick and beyond my expectations and I would encourage anyone who is sitting on the fence to jump in and take charge of their career today.


Denise W.
Tampa, Florida



Dear: Patti Collins,

This is to serve as a letter of reference for Ms. Patricia Collins, VP of Marketing Services.

I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of working with Patti since February of 2007. During this period of time, I can state unequivocally that she changed my life in more ways than one.

Prior to entering the agreement with her, I was unemployed for almost 8 months. I was utilizing all the traditional methods of seeking a new position to no avail. I searched website after website with virtually no responses with the exception of the typical ones, which offered commissioned sales positions. I also utilized my industry’s trade papers and received rejections without companies interviewing me.

I realized I had to do something differently. A former client of Patti’s referred me to her. Upon reviewing my resume, she immediately recognized that my resume was working against me. She transformed it from the typical chronological statement of where I worked and what my responsibilities were to a document of accomplishments. She made me aware that I was reluctant to promote myself. As a result of this exercise, she awakened my sense of self confidence and brought me out of my depression. She made me believe in myself again; something that was lacking in me during my period of unemployment.

The assignments and exercises she put me through were challenging, educational and essential in order for me to reach my goal. She taught me how to interview, both on the telephone and in person and how to sell myself. What was truly amazing was the fact each question that we rehearsed was asked by my prospective employer and because of her constant prodding, I nailed these questions. She also removed the age factor (I’m over 50) and taught me how to make this a positive. I also have only a high school education and thought this was going to keep me from ever landing a good job. Despite age and education I am now a National Sales Manager for a Fortune company and beat out several candidates with Masters degrees for my new job.

There were so many other components to this process. However, if it were not for Patti, I would not have had the opportunity to land the executive position I’ve been seeking for a long time. I admire her skills, her knowledge, her dedication to me as if I were her only client, and I worship the ground she walks on. 

In summary, I highly recommend her and CS Executive Marketing. I only wish I found out about her much earlier.


Howard M. K
Marietta, Georgia



Ms. Patricia Collins

Dear Patti,

I want to thank you for all of the support, encouragement and wisdom that you have given to me during such a stressful time in my life.  I have not had to “search” for a job in more than 25 years, and although my professional experience is deep and wide, my age and my lack of an advanced degree have made it a very challenging experience.

I know I would not have found my new position without your hard work, determination and your expert guidance.

Thank you again.


Jean B.
Alpharetta, Ga.



To:  Ms. Patricia Collins

Dear Patti,

Thank you so much for the expert assistance you provided in my search for a new position. Without you I know I would not have found a position in the “Non-profit” world and certainly would not have advanced my career to that of a Managing Director. I certainly appreciate your knowledge and understanding of the Non-profit environment.

I am convinced the compensation package I received is among the best for work in a nonprofit environment.  I have the opportunity to expand my division, almost as an entrepreneurial enterprise over the next few years, possibly creating many exciting career advancement options along the way. Your interview coaching allowed me to convincingly sell myself and my professional skill sets and win the offer over some very qualified competition.


Kay W.
Irvine, California



Lisa J

Charlotte, NC

 Dear Patti:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your marketing staff for helping me secure my dream job, Vice President of Sales/Business Development for GreenStone Media.  I couldn’t ask for a position that fits more of my ideal criteria.  Without you, I am not sure I would have had the confidence, much less the strategy, to find and secure the job.
When you and I first talked, I was going through more emotions than I can remember.  After leaving the company that had been my home for 15 years, I was questioning my own value and completely lost on where to focus my efforts.  Your patience and understanding helped me get through each and every day.  Your kind words of encouragement (how many times did you talk me out of a tree?) kept me focused and gave me hope.  The strategy you proposed was dead on.
Now, I am earning a great living and working in an ideal environment.  The people I work for are supportive, appreciative, encouraging and I have a whole new lease on life.  I told you I wanted a challenge and I got it!  However, I have the chance to succeed, to be a hero.  And we both know how I like that.
Thank you.  You have done an awesome job.  I enjoyed every conversation we had.  You have the intelligence, drive, people skills and passion to accomplish amazing things.  It is always a pleasant surprise when you work with someone who not only gets the job done, but becomes a friend.  Speaking of that, please stay in touch. 

Lisa J
Vice President of Sales/Business Development
GreenStone Media



Dear CS Executive Marketing:

Prior to signing, I had been looking for a position for six month. There was the odd interview with small engineering firms but I never hear back from them, which was confusing since I thought most of the interviews went very well.

After reworking my resume and sent it to hiring managers of mid-cap to large companies, I suddenly had more interviews than I ever anticipated. Also, the career positioning was substantially better than what I was experiencing on my own.  My marketing program included an entire day at the corporate office for “Premium Interview and Negotiations Coaching Services.”  What I learned was that I had been deluding myself as to my abilities to interview effectively. I left Atlanta at the end of my sessions with Patti Collins, having been coached on how to answer just about any question that was asked, knowing that the next opportunity was mine to win. Having the knowledge of how to interview properly is great, but having the confidence that I am better at interviewing than any of my competition is better.

I have been so successful that two large companies have offered me a challenging position with salaries approximately 25% higher than I was previously earning.

Thank you.
Patrick S.
Seattle, WA



Marketing Directors

I have secured a position with Quick Crete Products as their new Operations Manager.  It is a new, vitally important and strategic position, crucial to the future growth of the company.  It will allow the owners to concentrate on their fields of expertise and enable me to act as a principal agent of change and growth.

After emigrating from the UK with my family the pressure to find the ideal job was mounting.  The prospect of a job search and the challenges that brings was daunting.  I wanted a new opportunity, new challenges, new people, an opportunity to use my talents and creativity to the full in a company that would grow and offer career advancement with people that I like.  Not too much then.

Your expert advice, timely comments, kindly manner, and encouraging words, even after I made a total hash of our first practice interview question, were exactly what I needed to complete my job search successfully.  The hours of personal interview coaching and knowing what to expect in every interview, made me very confident in my abilities to secure offers.

My family and I cannot wait to get to California and start the next chapter in our lives.

Thank you!
Anthony L
Tampa, Florida



Hi Patti,

I wanted to close the loop with you since last week.

The interview went well.  They followed up Friday with an offer.  We went back and forth a couple of times over the weekend, and closed on an agreement this morning.

Thanks so much for all your help preparing me for these interviews.  Your framework and inputs on both content and delivery were invaluable.  I really appreciate all the help.

Best regards,
Michael T.
Boston, MA


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